Duncan Watts LLP very much encourages parents to reach an agreement in relation to the children between themselves. We do this through our Mediation Services, Collaborative practice and when advising clients following the breakdown of a relationship or marriage.

We understand how important decisions in relation to children are and how difficult it can be to make those decisions and reach an agreement especially in the midst of a separation.

Both Martin and Joanne are Resolution Accredited Specialists in the area of dealing with children issues. The firm's aim is to advise you on all the options available to you as a parent and to resolve any contested issues in the best way possible. Court action should only be a last resort and the welfare of the children is always the paramount consideration.


It must be remembered that children have not only their immediate family but also an extended family. Relationships between family members are often strained following the breakdown of a relationship. This can particularly impact the relationship between the children and their grandparents. Often a deep bond has formed with grandparents.

We can advise of the options available to grandparents by virtue of the Children Act 1989 and the possibility of obtaining a Contact or Residence Order where difficulties have arisen.