Family Mediation is a process by which family members who are in dispute, particularly going through a separation or divorce, are assisted to agree arrangements for the future. The main issues often considered during the mediation process are arrangements for children or financial aspects of the separation.

Mediation can be an alternative to, or in conjunction with, negotiations through solicitors and court proceedings. Mediation enables people to negotiate their own arrangements with the assistance of a Family Mediator. Mediation can help families communicate better and minimize conflict.

The advantages of mediation include the fact that it can be a less expensive way of dealing with the issues and the decisions are made by the family members involved. Duncan Watts LLP are family mediators and lawyers who can give significant amounts of legal information within the mediation process and help guide those involved to come to an appropriate solution that their respective lawyers and the court would ratify.

The mediator works on the centre stage with the parties' problem solving, information gathering and reality testing proposals, and their lawyers are in the wings for support during the process.
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