Is attendance at the Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting compulsory before an application to court concerning children or finance can be made?

Yes, in most cases. The purpose of the Mediation Information and Assessment Meetings is to allow you to make your own informed decisions as to the best way to solve your family dispute.

Mediation itself is NOT COMPULSORY and an application to court can be made as long as the initial Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM) has been attended.

There are two options

1. The mediator carries out a Willingness Test to assess whether those involved in the dispute are willing to undertake mediation.

2. An individual MIAM, regardless of whether the other person is willing to attend.

FM1 administration (including Willingness Test if required) £50
Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting £50 per person
Mediation Appointment £100 per person per hour

Provision of documents
£100 per person, per document

The above costs are inclusive of VAT. Payment is made for the FM1 before it is issued. The charge for meetings is payable at or before the meeting. The charge for documents is payable once we are ready to commence drafting.

There are no hidden extras for telephone calls, letters or emails. The documents charged for are normally produced at the end of the mediation summarising the proposals and disclosure made.